Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What has Greg MacDonald done for me to dedicate the funds I raise for Jericho Project in his honor? Well, his sudden death made me realize how fragile life was and how I had not quite lived life because I had never pushed myself to excel at anything. I had carelessly bided my time as if tomorrow would be handed to me. In fact, I had lost my academic scholarship and been kicked out of the Honors Program just before my deployment because of my hard-partying and careless ways.

Though his death helped me realize what I had been doing wrong, it is what he lived for that inspired me to take control of my life. He LIVED to ensure that we, Americans, had the opportunity to make the most of what we have. Since I returned from the war, I have dedicated my time (the most important asset in life) to challenging myself in all aspects (while still partying pretty hard). My decision to run the Ironman is a byproduct of this newfound attitude towards life. By dedicating the race in Greg’s honor, I am displaying my gratitude for his impact on my life while contributing to his legacy. In addition, as he inspired me to take control of my future, I can do the same for another veteran by raising funds for Jericho Project. Please help me raise $12,000 (the amount necessary to house and support one homeless veteran) by donating to my cause and thus positively impacting the lives of a struggling veteran and his family.

Mac gave his life and in doing so taught me a valuable lesson. I must take advantage of life’s opportunities. If I fail to reach my full potential and let any opportunities to improve myself go to waste, I am not only disappointing myself, but also all who sacrificed so much to help me reach this point. As a US Marine and responsible human being, I will never let that happen again. Semper Fidelis Mac…and thanks.

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