Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ecuador Picture Update


Beginning from the end of November through early December, Quito is pretty insane because of the city's birthday (around Dec. 5 or so). The city celebrates with bullfights and people partying all the time and everywhere.

I was able to attend one of the bullfights, and though some may find them interesting, I found them cruel because they made a huge show about toying with a poor bull and then killing it when it was in a weakened state. I say bullfighters should grow some real balls and kill bulls with their bare hands. That would be more interesting (and fair).

I must give Quiteños credit and say that they know how to party. During the Quito days, streets were PACKED with revelers and live bands.

As the Quiteños showed me how they rolled...

I had to represent my hood and show them how we roll...

Random point of the day: If you're still wondering why China is becoming a superpower, this is why. Quito is a ghosttown on Sunday and hardly anything is open, except...


Manta is a beach/fishing/shipbuilding city on the coast of Ecuador. Not much going on there but kinda cool.

In Manta, as in the rest of the world, if you're holding 2 machetes, you pretty much don't need to be wearing any pants.


Hard times call for desperate measures...

Puerto Lopez is a very small beach town where my buddies and I took a boat trip. The most enjoyable part was catching our own fish and eating it for the best ceviche I have ever had.

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