Monday, April 6, 2009

A Video Testimonial by my Personal Trainer

For 3 years, I worked at UBS Investment Bank and sat next to a standup guy, Ryan Kaplan. We would always tell each other about our weekends and also pulled a few antics of our own while grinding away in our cubicles. Little did I know that he dominated the triathlon scene on weekends (I guess superhumans don`t think it`s a big deal).

When I told him that I would be training for an Ironman, he insisted that he be my coach. He told me his credentials, and since he`s such a great and trustworthy guy, I never bothered to verify his claims. I have found his training methods to be a bit unconventional and cruel at times, but the results are undeniable. Thanks Kap!

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Race for the Fallen

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