Thursday, April 23, 2009

Very Big Setback

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a sharp pain in my upper teeth and figured that my last wisdom tooth was making its untimely appearance. I made plans to fly back to the US to have it operated on and then return to Medellin to train (I have some crazy teeth). I was concerned about the training time I would miss out on to recover but figured that I wouldn't lose more than a week or so.

Last Thursday, I flew into Washington DC and on Friday made an appointment with the Dr. The Dr. suspected that there may be something else going on rather than a wisdom tooth and suggested I get a CT scan. Upon evaluation of my scan, the Dr. notified me that I had either a cyst or tumor growing in my sinus. He told me to come back in a week to get a biopsy.

When I told the Dr. I couldn't wait an entire week to get a biopsy (the pain was pretty bad and affecting my appetite and thus my training) he told me he could do one that very day; however, I'd only get local anesthetic. I agreed so he shot me up with a little novocaine, cut me open and fiddled around my mouth for half an hour and sewed me back up. Needless to say, our conversation was pretty one-sided throughout the whole ordeal.

The Dr. said that judging from the makeup of the tissue, his first guess would be that it's a type of benign tumor that has cyst-like properties, but would have to get the results back from the biopsy to make sure. I'll receive the final answer within a few days.

Since then, the right side of my face has swelled to a pretty ridiculous size (I haven't been this chubby since...never) and I stopped taking the painkillers they gave me after the 2nd day because they don't really help. Training has been nonexistent as a result although I'm hoping to at least go for a walk tomorrow (my swelling has subsided to a point I'm sure won't scare little kids).

The bad news is that these next couple weeks are the most important for training as they include the most rigorous workouts. But, sometimes life hits you in the face (literally) with things that take higher priority. I suppose the good news is that I have a major obstacle to overcome that will motivate me even more to reach my goal.

I haven't given up on the race just yet. I've progressed too far and dedicated too much to do so. I share the same sentiments as the wise man who once said, "I have not yet begun to fight!" (I'm pretty sure he won too)

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