Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Favorite Quote

"`Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I´m sure, and if you fall stand tall and come back for more."

As I was listening to my ipod on shuffle today, the song "Keep ya head up," by Tupac came up and my thoughts drifted to when I heard the song in Iraq. There were times during the war when I really didn´t know how I was going to make it back home given the situation. During one of those periods, I heard the song on my discman (ipods hadn´t been invented then) and immediately derived strength from the quote´s meaning.

"Cause I think we can make it"
This shows that he was doubtful at first but has a positive outlook on the future. He has hope! But as he mulls over what he just said, he grows more confident and concludes...

"in fact, I´m sure"
...that he WILL make it. He will not let the situation determine the outcome, the decision is his. And the decision is made.

"And if you fall stand tall and come back for more."
You will get where you want to get, but also keep in mind that you will face difficulties. Whenever you "fail," don´t get down on yourself, make sure you pick yourself back up and carry on.

Lo and behold, I made it through the war and came back stronger for it. As I have struggled the past several days in my training, I lost sight of how far the right attitude and perseverance can take me.

Now I know I can make it, I´m sure of it.

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Race for the Fallen

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