Monday, November 10, 2008

Race for the Fallen Video - Part 1

Before you watch the video, I´d like to tell you about and thank Paul Petzrick, who edited this video. Paul and I served together for nearly 8 months during the invasion of Iraq. Through his actions, he demonstrated why the members of our military are the greatest in the world. During our tour, he never let me down when I trusted him with my life, brightened the mood when times were tough and displayed a type of generosity that can serve as an example to all.

During the invasion, we had been starving for a week because our supply lines could not keep up with our rapid advance. When I ran out of food, Paul insisted that I have part of his last ration and forced me to take some of his meal. Thankfully, we were resupplied soon after but I can never forget the altruism and generosity he displayed on my behalf while we were both starving. Though his action was exceptional, it is commonplace among the ranks of our military. Unfortunately, many combat veterans return from deployments and end up on our streets. If you display even a fraction of the generosity Paul has, who gave me so much when he had so little, then we can all eradicate homelessness among our veterans together. Please donate and support my cause by clicking on Race for the Fallen. Thank you and enjoy.

Happy 233rd Birthday US Marines! Semper Fi!

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Lisa said...

Love the video. =) Can't wait for parte dos!

Believer said...

hahaha, and i was expecting something serious in this video lol. silly me